Calliope – New Screenshots

Today I fixed a couple subtle bugs in Calliope core, and I am one step closer to releasing the first preview. To celebrate I’m going to publish some screenshots of the main interface in action, and a todo list of what is missing before the first preview/demo, hoping that will help keeping me on track.

Here comes the first screenshot:

You can already notice a couple differences here from the first screenshot:

  • Buttons are labelled in English;
  • The graphics of the letters has changed slightly;
  • Rack has been redesigned too, and own letters have been highlighted in dark gray.

There are also some new elements: first of all there is a simple label on the top of the screen, indicating what the turn number is and what the current player is; there is also a green frame surrounding the word “preview”. That, as you can easily guess, means that the word is correct.

Now, if I move the letter “S” from my rack up into the board…

…the letter fades a little, and a blue marker appears, showing where the letter will be placed on release of the mouse button. Say I want to put the word “song” in place using the trailing “g” of “preparing” and the letters on my rack; after placing “so”, the board would look like this:

You got it right: a red highlight means the word is wrong. Placing the “N” in the right spot fixes it:

But you are not playing alone. Suppose now to hit the “End Turn” button on the top right corner of the screen. Here is what happens:

  1. The control passes to your opponent (or the next player, if playing in more than two);
  2. Your black letters on the board turn white, becoming part of it;
  3. You are locked out of the board: you cannot drag letters on it;
  4. You begin to see your opponent actions happening on the board, like you were doing them yourself.

After a little dragging and dropping, here is what your opponent come up with:

Notice here that your opponent’s letters are painted with a different shade of gray, so that you can distinguish them from your own and from what’s was already on the board at the beginning of the turn.

The image above was the last of the series, did you like them? Leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Calliope – New Screenshots

    • Thank you! When I started the project I wasn’t thinking about an Android/iPad version, but I reckon Calliope could fit well on a tablet. On paper Sproutcore is mobile- and touch-ready, I’ll certainly give it a try!

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