Calliope – Preview 1 ToDo

Here is a brief list of what must be done before the release of the first preview of Calliope:

  • Fix some bugs in the board related to z-order and overlapping;
  • Redesign the game-choosing screen; (see screenshot below)
  • Provide a button to create a new game;
  • Provide a simple registration interface for new users.

I am going to document every step forward in this post, adding short comments and striking off items as soon as I implement them.

Update 12/6/2011 – Online preview of Calliope has been delayed after a set of private tests gave not-so-encouraging results, read here for more.

Update 9/5/2011 – The new front screen of the application:
In a future version, the icons on the left will depict the current progress of the game.

Would you like to join development? Let me know!


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