RaphaelWrapper demo and sample code

As promised, I published a small online demo application that uses RaphaelWrapper (if you do not know what I’m talking about, read this other post).

Click here to see the demo

The code of the demo is open source and you can find it on github at this address, you can use it as a brief sample code for the library while I put up something more detailed.


RaphaelWrapper has gone Open Source

Today I decided to publish the source of my Sproutcore-Raphael integration framework – called RaphaelWrapper – so that others can exploit it and hopefully help me extend it. I posted it on github, you can find it here: https://github.com/demerzel3/RaphaelWrapper.

RaphaelWrapper basically gives access to Raphael functions through a Sproutcore-friendly view called CanvasView. I’m using this framework as the basis for my bigger project Calliope, but since it is a completely independent component of the application I thought it could have been useful to make it public.

In the next days I will publish an usage example, and hopefully a little online demo as well.